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5 Reasons

Women Love CBD Oil

1. Cramps

Did you know that CBD has helped many women every month during their cycle? The endocannabinoid system is active during this time of the month and by adding in CBD, it can help stimulate and reduce pain and symptoms.

Women Love CBD Oil

2. Headaches

By now, you should know that CB1 and CB2 receptors are partially responsible for pain sensations. If not, check out our CBD FAQ.
Because of this, adding CBD to your system during headaches or migraines may actually help reduce or eliminate them altogether. Many women have been surprised to find that it works for them after giving it a try.

3. Pain Relief

Building on the above, when the endocannabinoid system is stimulated, it can help reduce pain in all the areas of the body, not just migraines or headaches. This is why you or someone you know likely has experienced the benefits of using CBD for conditions like arthritis, chronic pain, and many others.

Women Love CBD
Women Love CBD Oil

4. Sleep

CBD has been found to interact with the bodies REM sleep cycle. REM sleep is the deep sleep we get and is what causes us to feel rested when we get it, and unrested when we don’t. By taking CBD, some people find that they not only sleep easier, but they feel more rested when they wake up.

5. Acne

Because CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, its is a promising new solution to acne prone skin. Studies have found that over time, CBD can reduce the redness and in some cases acne all together. Not only is this good for acne, but other conditions like wrinkles and aging can benefit from using lotions with CBD in the ingredients list.

Women Love CBD Oil

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