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CBD food use rising

many confirm it's benefits

in 2019, many new CBD products emerge

From edibles like cookies and brownies to simple water infused with CBD is popping up all around us. Why is this method of consumption so popular, and why are so many people willing to try it? It boils down to one simple fact: CBD gives the benefits of using cannabis without the high.


A store in Colorado called Cereal Box, allows customers to add scoops of CBD to their order in the form of a powder that is added to the milk part of their cereal order. Source


Another company in Arizona; The Alkaline Water Company is gearing up for their CBD infused water products for the 2019 sales year. The company already sells its non-CBD products in many large retailers such as Walmart and Kroger plans to roll out its brand new line of flavor-infused CBD water sometime this year. Source

Even restaurants want in

Even some restaurants are jumping on the bandwagon, adding CBD to their existing dishes for customers to enjoy. 2019 What’s Hot Culinary Survey found that over 70% of respondents feel that cannabis or CBD infused foods are going to be the biggest trend over the coming years, especially as legalization takes away from the 2018 farm bill which has passed. Source


Ingesting CBD orally has many benefits, one of the most enticing is there is no vape or smoke to inhale which can irritate the lungs and throat, along with carrying possible carcinogenic effects; depending on the type of vape/smoke product being used. Additionally, eating CBD rather than applying it topically helps CBD work all over the body instead of at the localized spot where it is applied.

Oral CBD benefits

Antxiety relief: A study revealed that CBD oil can help alleviate stress and anxiety for some people because of it’s interaction with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS has many functions in the body such as pain relief, mood, and even plays a direct role in the stress and anxiety functions. Source



Increased Immune Function: CBD has been linked to interacting with T-Cell functions which show some promiser form people who suffer from conditions like HIV where the T-Cell count becomes too low. Source 


Chronic pain relief: CBD has helped so many people with chronic pain, and there’s a reason why. CBD binds with our bodies CB1 & CB2 receptors which are involved with the pain sensation in our bodies. Some people have even been able to reduce other medications they take and have replaced it with CBD oil. A research study confirmed that CBD was helpful in patients who used CBD based medicine for pain, especially when some THC  was also present- usually in a 1:1 ratio. Source 


Reduce blood pressure: A study confirmed that after a single dose of Oral CBD, patients with high blood pressure had lowered their levels. Source


Helps with addiction relief: A study showed that using CBD oil can help alleviate the detoxification process and help reduce cravings while treating addiction patients. Source 

CBD food recipes

CBD recipies

If you’d like to find some cool recipes you can make with CBD oil, check out this link at the ministry of hemp. They cover some neat recipes like cookies and guacamole that you can use with other recipes! Highly recommended

Want to buy CBD for cooking?

Did you know that RoseGold CBD offers a CBD tincture which can be added to almost any food or drink? Simply add it to your recipe to infuse your food and enjoy the same benefits as the other products listed in this article. Because it is an oil based product, it’s best added to foods which require a small amount of cooking oil. Simply drop a few drops on your dinner meal and eat away. You can find Rose Gold CBD products in our shop page.

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