Guide to aging skin

How the skin ages & How to fight it

No one escapes the aging process..

Our skin endures many things; weather, sun, harsh conditions and more. Depending on your lifestyle and genetics, you may experience different needs that the general population. There are dependent factors such as if you are a smoker, you are releasing free radicals into your system which are known to cause skin damage and wrinkles. As we age our skin becomes less elastic and starts to dry out, sag, and crack more easily. This is because the skin holds less moisture as we age, and layers of the skin become thinner. Just living a normal life makes you subject to these conditions. 

No matter where you are in life, there are things you can do to help prevent your skin from aging further and this guide will help you understand the basic options available to you.

The most extreme type of damage:

Sun damage is the worst type of damage to get because it will not show up until much later in life. UV light damages the part of the skin called elastin, which then causes the skin to lose its elasticity and ability to snap back into place. Solar elastosis produces leathery weather-beaten appearance that you might find on farmers or others who spend large amounts of time outdoors.

All Ages:

Wear sunscreen. Period. Scientist have proven that direct sun exposure causes all kinds of damage, including cancer. Not only does it help prevent cancer, but it can help prevent lines, brown spots, and signs of aging.

Exercise- This also have a lot of scientific backing. Even if you don’t go to a gym, go for a walk, or get moving every day. Aging is a long process and what you do today affects you years from now.

Eat healthy& drink lots of water- While it’s delicious to have things like fast or fried foods, they are very unhealthy for you. Eating healthy can help prolong your life as well as keep you looking younger. opt for salad and home cooked meals over fast food or greasy foods. Stop drinking soda and bottled drinks and drink more water.

Drink less alcohol- Not only is it unhealthy, alcohol dries out your skin and damages it over time. Alcohol makes you look aged faster. 

Avoid tanning- If you are going to tan, make sure you use plenty of sunscreen. Avoid tanning beds or lamps especially.


Drink Water! – Because our skin holds less moisture as we get older, its important to compensate for the lack. By drinking more water, you keep your skin hydrated and refreshed. 

Use daily moisturizer- This will help the skin keep the water your drinking. You’ll want to invest in enough lotion to put some on every single day, no exceptions. This should become a habit you want to keep. 

Use Cleanser- By using facial cleanser, you help break up any dirt that is embedded in your pores. You’ll want to select an appropriate cleanser depending on your skin type. Most peoples skin changes after their teenage years and require a less harsh facial cleanser.



Retinol- is your new best friend! Retinol is sometimes called retin-a and is a type of vitamin c derivative. Retinol is effective at both fighting aging and acne.

Use a peel- These peels can be refreshing because they rejuvenate your skin and help it become more moisturized by absorbing nutrients.

Anti-Inflammatory- Products that contain Vitamin A and Vitamin C can help keep your skin bright and help keep a healthy balance.

Botox window- This is a good age to consider Botox, because its better to prevent the wrinkles before they’ve formed. Once they’ve formed, using Botox is a corrective action instead of a preventative measure.




Moisturize! – If you haven’t already picked up the habit of daily moisturizing, do so now. You especially want products with vitamins a and c.

Botox- This age range is still good to use Botox as a preventative measure instead of a corrective action. Since your skin retains less moisture as you age, the sooner you do this, the better effects it may have for you overall.

Gentle Lasers- This is the time to consider using less powerful lasers to smooth out any fine lines that your skin care products aren’t helping.


Keep your skincare regimen going, if you don’t have one start by moisturizing every day. Then add other items to your arsenal like under eye cream, retinol, and peptides.

Intense Lasers- Now is the time you will want to consider stronger lasers. These target much deeper wrinkles and can help make them disappear. 

Botox- Only in moderation. Too much will make you look un-natural.