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CBD is the newest trend in the beauty space because of how mysterious it is and  it gives the benefits of cannabis without the high. Because public opinion and laws are changing around the cannabis landscape, it’s only natural that products with CBD will emerge. If you take a look around, you’ll find that many big name celebrities have endorsed their use of CBD as well as big name brands looking to enter the space. There are a variety of products with CBD in them ranging from lip balm to bath bombs, but not everyone understand the potential benefits they are getting from the CBD. Because of the legal landscape, most CBD oil products will now start being called by a new term,  “PCR Hemp oil”.

What is PCR Hemp Oil

Stands for Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil. What that means is that its oil with a high amount of CBD and other beneficial parts of the hemp plant such as CBN, while containing zero to .3% THC. There are more than 80 terpenes that come from the hemp plant, however CBD is by far the most sought after, excluding THC.

What can CBD do that THC cant? Well, THC gets you high, CBD doesn't.
People seek out CBD for the health benefits without the head or body high that goes along with using marijuana.
Be aware however, if you consume products that are very high in CBD content, you may test positive for THC in a drug test. This is typically only the case for those who take a lot of CBD each day (1000mg+ per day). I
f you have any concern, the best choice is to avoid CBD products unless they are claiming Zero THC on the label.


Why do I see it everywhere?

Currently, there is little official research on CBD that can be referenced to. This means that companies everywhere are trying to figure out where they can enter the market and turn a profit, without understanding the chemical completely. There are current studies happening, and studies that have been done are largely on a private scale, lacking federal approval or resources.  Claudia Mata, cofounder of infused skincare line Vertly said, “It’s got anti-inflammation properties, vitamins A, D, and E, and essential fatty acids. The public is starting to view it the way we do, more like a vitamin.”

As attitudes towards hemp and marijuana change, the amount of new people trying it are astronomical. More than half of the US states have legalized marijuana either medically or recreationally and that comes along the fact people's attitudes are swaying in favor of its uses.


How does it work?

CBD oil benefits lie within the endocannabinoid system. This is a similar concept to other systems in your body like the nervous system. Our endocannabinoid has many effects and it also plays a direct role in stress and immune function. Current research suggests that stimulating the endocannabinoid system can help in a number of problem areas such as disease treatment (parkinson's, epilepsy), skincare (anti aging, acne, eczema), and pain relief (anti-inflammatory, analgesic) properties. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2241751/

How does PCR hemp oil help in beauty products?

Using CBD products topically offers many potential benefits. The most prominent of CBD oil benefits is it's potential to treat painful conditions and discomforts. Next, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it has great potential for acne, eczema, and other skin conditions . CBD may one day be the solution for obtaining clear skin too!

“Inflammation is the root of all evil, whether that’s acne or the signs of aging,” says New York City dermatologist Dendy Engelman. She notes that while acne rates are increasing, there aren’t many new treatment options coming down the pike.

For those readers who suffer from acne and no products seem to work, a 2014 study found that the benefits of using PCR hemp oil on the skin helps regulate oil production from the sebaceous glands, which could be great news if you don’t want to try the intense medications like Accutane. Without more research however,  you’ll have to try it for yourself and decide if it works for you.

What's the difference between full spectrum and isolate?

There are two forms of (CBD) PCR hemp oil,
Isolate means its only CBD and NO THC. Some users prefer this because they can tell whether or not CBD is actually helping them.

Full Spectrum PCR Hemp oil has all the other parts of the plant, in very small quantities, which make up the entourage effect. Users that prefer this type of PCR Hemp oil feel that including all the parts of the plant, (including trace amounts of THC) help the product work more effectively. The caveat here is that heavy users of PCR hemp oil may end up testing positive for THC because it does contain a trace amount (though it’s still not enough to get you high).

Is it legal?

This is a little tricky, but the short answer is YES- if it’s derived from HEMP.

How can you tell?
Hemp is classified as hemp if it contains 0.3% of THC or less. Anything over that amount and its considered marijuana.

If the product is truly hemp derived, you’ll likely see it at a health food store in the wellness department. However, some products have been able to squeeze by due to the grey legality of marijuana and hemp.

Federally, the 2014 Farm bill designates that If the plant has less than 0.3% THC content — in accordance with the Section 7606 of the Agricultural Act of 2014, aka the Farm Bill — it’s considered hemp. The bill does not explicitly allow the sale of these products, however.

For now, unless you require a THC content higher than 0.3%, your product is likely legal.

Where can I find it?

While there are many places online to buy (CBD) PCR Hemp Oil, you should be careful to get it from a reputable business. Find out for yourself what the CBD oil benefits are for you. 

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